Streaming Pair Programming from AWS

Why? Why Streaming? One of the advantages of living in a big city, like London, is not just that you don’t have to own a car. It also makes it easier to find like minded people. People who are interested in learning the same thing you are and who are at a similar level in their learning experience on that topic, people you can form a study group with. [Read More]

A Programmer’s Regret: Neglecting Math at University

Does Math Matter? Math matters both more and less than you think… Yes, you can ignore math and be a highly paid professional programmer. Programming is a wide enough field that you can choose which areas you want to focus on – some of which do not require math – and still be successful. On the other hand: Mathematics is the tool used to solve specialized problems, and Programming is doing mathematics. [Read More]

For Sum Types: Golang's multiple return parameters are overrated

In this Go Experience Report I am going to make a case for sum types over multiple return parameters. Analysis of multiple return parameters I wrote a little tool which does some analysis of Go source code. Thank you to the go/types library. The tool simply counts the number of times multiple return parameters are used. I ran this tool over the standard library and these are the results: [Read More]

Monads for Go Programmers

Why? Monads are all about function composition and hiding the tedious part of it. After 7 years of being a Go programmer, typing if err != nil can become quite tedious. Everytime I type if err != nil I thank the Gophers for a readable language with great tooling, but at the same time I curse them for making me feel like I am Bart Simpson in detention. I suspect I am not the only one, but [Read More]